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17. Mai, 2022.
Wie lange habe ich Sachen im Keller verstaut die ich nicht mehr brauchte aber nicht wusste wohin spenden! Als ich PeekUp entdeckt habe, war mir sofort klar, dass das das Startup/ Unternehmen ist auf das ich lange gewartet habe um mein Problem zu lösen und das auf vollkommen nachhaltige Weise. Alles lief super easy, von Buchung eines Slots, über Bezahlung bis hin zur Abholung. Bin einfach 100% zufrieden, fühle mich jetzt viel leichter die Sachen nicht mehr zu horten und kann PeekUp nur wärmstens empfehlen <3
Hannes S.
Hannes S.
5. Mai, 2022.
Super zuverlässiger und netter Service!
Corinna Rose
Corinna Rose
22. April, 2022.
Nachdem ich PeekUp schon häufiger empfohlen haben, habe ich heute mein erste eigene Abholung gebucht gehabt. Die Abholung war auf die Minute pünktlich und super freundlich. Alles bestens! Toller Service!
David Helbig
David Helbig
18. März, 2022.
Cool store with amazing & friendly staff! Good prices and funny items. You walk in and buy the unexpected 😎
Julia H
Julia H
29. Januar, 2022.
Alles perfekt - Abholung + Lieferung alles ohne Probleme und mit viel Hilfsbereitschaft. Bereits weiterempfohlen. 🙂
Anita Carstens
Anita Carstens
9. Januar, 2022.
Alles war Bestens, freundlicher Fahrer, auf die Minute pünktlich, hilfsbereit beim Aufladen. Mehrfach weiter empfohlen. Danke für die tolle Unterstützung! A. Ca
Karl Lorey
Karl Lorey
13. Dezember, 2021.
Love it

Frequently Asked Questions

PeekUp consists of two services:

  1. A pickup service using cargo bikes which you can use to get rid of things you don't need anymore
  2. Der Second Hand Website UBD, where items in good condition (in some cases repaired) are sold or given away.

With PeekUp, we want to give items a second chance. Together with you, we can subsitute the purchase of new items and thus safe ressources.

We pick up (almost) everything you want to get rid of. This includes e.g. books, glass bottles, toys, cables, table ware, bulky waste, your old mattress, clothes or something completely different.

Größere Gegenstände wie Stühle, einen Nachtisch etc. können wir in der Regel auch abholen, schreibe uns dazu bitte über das Chatfenster unten rechts an oder rufe uns an +49 (0) 157 5824 305. Wir können leider keine Großgeräte (Kühlschrank o.Ä.) abholen.

The collection costs 4,50 € per filled box (or bag, box, suitcase etc.). If you sign up for our newsletter, you get a one-time 15% discount on the entire order. If your address is further than 5 km from our location in Friedrichshain, an additional distance fee of 5 to 12 € will be charged. Have a look at the pick-up area map.

Alternatively, you can also use garbage bags, an old suitcase or another box that you no longer need.
We are also happy to provide you with large IKEA bags free of charge.
We will be happy to bring them to you free of charge in advance. Just send us a message via the chat window.

 Ja, ruf uns gerne an unter +49 (0) 157 5824 3057

Yes, simply select cash payment at the end of the booking under payment options. Please have the appropriate amount ready at the time of the pick-up.

Yes, you'll receive an email shortly after the PeekUp is done. In the attachement you'll find the invoice as a PDF.

  1. You book a pick-up appointment and book the desired pick-up quantity
  2. Before the pickup, pack the items in cardboard boxes, sacks, boxes, suitcases or whatever other suitable container you can get your hands on.
  3. Shortly before the booked time slot, you put the things in front of the house or (flat) door.
  4. We will pick up the items at the chosen time. You do not have to be at home at this time (unless you have chosen to pay in cash).

No, we will pick up the things in front of your house / apartment door.

Exception: If you have chosen cash payment, then please be at home and have the amount ready.

We too are bothered by the mattresses on Berlin's pavements. That's why: Yes, we will also collect your mattress. Please note the information here..

Yes. We pick up packaged food like cans or pasta packages. Like all other things, we check the food. Anything usable we usually give away for free. Spoiled food is disposed of accordingly.

We treat every item as environmentally friendly as possible. If an item is still good, we sell or donate it. Unusually beautiful things can be found on the PeekUp Webshop. From there they will hopefully find a new owner.

Yes, the confirmation email for your pick-up will contain a link for rescheduling. If you have any problems, please just contact us via the chat.

Yes, just enter the person's address in the form. Remember to let the person know afterwards ;-).

Click here for the delivery area map. Currently, we serve an area within a radius of 15 kilometers around our location in Berlin-Friedrichshain. We hope to serve more distant areas and other cities in the near future. Stay up to date with our newsletter and instagram channel .


Yes. For special requests, for example regular PeekUps, please contact us via the chat window or via [email protected].

We take every precaution to protect you and our employees. We will not enter your apartment and instead will pick up the items from your front door. Our employees wear a mask and gloves and keep at least two meters distance.

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