Our partners

Organization of our rides

With the Micro Hub at the Tempelhofer Damm S+U station, we can better organize our trips by cargo bike. By bundling several PeekUps, we are on the road faster and can do more pickups in the same time. The Micro Hub was created through a cooperation between the district and Deutsche Bahn and is funded by a BMVI research project.

Our cargo bikes

Part of our cargo bike fleet consists of Bullits from the Danish manufacturer Larry vs. Harry. As a local partner, Punta Velo looks after these bikes and thus ensures that our riders always have a safe ride.

Cargo bikes always ready for use

Another part of our cargo bike fleet is kept afloat by Business auf Rädern. The company from Hoppegarten near Berlin maintains our large "Rapid" cargo bikes from the manufacturer Radkutsche. Maintenance is carried out by a mobile technician who also comes by cargo bike.

Tidiness coach Corinna Rose

Corinna Rose is a tidiness coach in Berlin and has already shared tips for tidying on our Instagram channel. Her topics are minimalism, cleaning out, tidying up,organizing systems as well as the personal journey towards a "less is more" mindset. Click here to see what she has to offer.

Our electricity

Our stores and cargo bike batteries run on 100% green power from Green Planet Energy.

Recycling of non-reusable products

A large part of the things picked up by PeekUp can be reused. Everything else is recycled in the best possible way. For example, we take sorted-out CDs and DVDs to Union Wertstoffhandel GmbH in Berlin-Kreuzberg.